jasaeng asked: Hi! We follow each other on Tumblr and twitter now but I'm always hella shy to say wassup. 😩 but I think you're really beautiful. c:


aw. there’s no reason to ever feel shy, i love getting messages like this. i think you are beautiful as well😚☺️💕

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I don’t understand why a few girls find it necessary to put on makeup to please people. I do it so I can feel better about myself, and it’s my hobby. If I look good, thanks. If I look bad, then your opinion isn’t that much different from the rest. I don’t see why an opinion of me should change my opinion of myself.

Anonymous asked: SPLAT* you just got snowballed! So, WELCOME TO THE SNOWBALL FIGHT OF 2012!!!! (I guess 2013 now lol) Ok, here's how it works. you say three to five random facts about yourself, then you go Anonymous and snowball your five favorite blogs. If you get snowballed again then you CANNOT snowball any blogs you snowballed before, except if you're out of blogs to snowball. Have fun! Hugs and butterfly kisses <3

1. I fell in love with a complete dork in the late summer of 2012. <3
2. My hair is thick, jet black and straight. You can’t get anymore Asian than that.
3. I love to sing and dance! I’m just shy about dancing in front of family and classmates orz
4. I’ve had my tumblr since january of 2011, so it’s been two years already hehe c:
5. At first I thought Exo was a total group of kiss-asses. I first I didn’t like them, especially Kai. I thought he was a total show-off. (I didn’t even learn their names through all the teasers, I leaned their names through my timeline here and on twitter orz) And then I fell in love with him and then I started liking his band members and asdkhkgjhasd It’s a love-hate relationship now LOL. 

hugs and butterfly kisses to you too sweetie, xoxo <3 

Anonymous asked: Awweh! It would have been nice to ask him how he thinks of you to hear the sweet things he has to say hehe (: ♥

I know, it would have been nice! I really want to hear his opinion of me. <3

Anonymous asked: My last question is how did you meet?

How did he and I meet?
The internetz. Hehe. I met him through tumblr. 

I was just going about my daily routine over the summer. I had nothing to do, because the house was cleaned, I’m too young to work, and I had no money to go out; I was basically a couch potato.
 So, to help my boredom, I went on tumblr, following new people from here and there. some of them weren’t kpop fans, but the rest were, and he ended up being one of them. 
He had a selca on his tumblr, and I thought, “Oh, well he’s adorable. He has a nice blog,” so I followed him.

A few days after or so, he followed me back (What’s weird is that he told me he rarely follows anyone back), and I said, “Thanks for the follow-back, I appreciate it!”
And from there, we started talking to each other nonstop. And throughout the weeks, I just ended up developing feelings for him.  

I didn’t even think it was possible at first, and like I said, I had many doubts. Sometimes I still doubt and over-think, but I gotta deal with it. 
Apparently, he also developed feelings for me too, especially throughout the weeks that we have been talking.  He told me that he was never shy around anyone until he met me. And I remember, because that day was the most amazing day of my life. 

As weird as it sounds, we started confessing to each outher because as we talked on Facebook, he started to type in lyrics to A-Pink’s “It Girl,” and just changed it to lyrics of a boy’s perspective.

"I wanna be that boy that can be with you forever. So tell me, will you be my girlfriend?" 
I thought he was serious, so I said, “Yes! <3”


I thought he was being totally serious but he was just singing. I  didn’t want to be talking to him because I was really awkward. Don’t misunderstand, because the situation was weird. I thought it was pretty embarrassing too. 

But hey, I guess that way, by my weird, direct answers, we ended up dating. The rest is history! <3  

Anonymous asked: Just a shy follower. (: Does he have a tumblr?

I wish he still had one. He deleted it :/

And hey, why so shy? Let me hug youuuuuu <3 
You’re such a lovely follower. 

Anonymous asked: "Even with all the negatives, there are still positives, and those are the big things." You're very sweet, and from this perspective, you are very lucky, and so is your bf. (:

I’m just wondering, but may I know who the anon is? (:

Thank you! I’m just stating my personal opinion, really. But I try to make it as non-offensive as possible! Hehe.